We recognize the fact that you might have important data on your virtual or dedicated server, therefore we offer an optional backup upgrade which you will be able to add at any time. While shared website hosting servers are backed up regularly by all hosting companies, this is not the case for standalone servers, so if you do not keep a copy of your files on your personal computer, you risk losing precious information in the event that something goes wrong - deleting something by accident or updating a script-driven program unsuccessfully, as an illustration. With our additional service, we will make a backup of your data on an individual server as to ensure that we shall have a good copy at all times and that we can restore everything exactly how it was before the problem appeared. The optional upgrade will allow you to handle your content without worrying about possible failures of any kind.

Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers

If you acquire one of our dedicated web hosting plans and you decide that you need a backup of your content, you could add this service with a couple of clicks and our system shall start keeping copies on a weekly basis right away. You'll be able to obtain the upgrade together with the machine or at some point later via your billing Control Panel if you do not need backups from the very beginning. The service shall grant you fifty gigabytes of disk space on a separate server and this content may be restored on our end. Even though we test the hardware and the software before we hand over any new dedicated hosting server, you may never know if some update will not go wrong, so if you have important information on the machine, you would be better off with this upgrade. Backups can also be found with the Managed Services upgrade, which incorporates many other useful management tasks that we offer to our clients.