In the Space Hosting Site Control Panel you can see an easy to use Web–site Builder instrument, that you can use to design your web site. Space Hosting’s Web–site Builder features over 1 hundred specific design templates, available in various color options, that you can customize to your taste. In order to make a new site, there’s no need to understand HTML, PHP, CSS or any other backend language. What you need to understand is how to make use of the point–and–click editor with the Website Builder. It can be used to instantly construct brand–new webpages, revise their information, incorporate brand new components to your site plus much more.

A Simple–to–use Site Builder

No development expertise is necessary

Not everyone has got the free time and capability to understand how to launch a private or enterprise site completely from scratch. That’s why, we provide you with a fairly easy, easy–to–navigate website building application that will help you get your site on the Internet within minutes. It functions with more than a hundred turn–key layout themes that you could personalize to your preference.

Using the Website Builder, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS or any other language to build up your own site. If, nonetheless, you need help making use of the tool, you can check out Space Hosting’s how–to educational videos or help posts.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Many Web site Design Themes

More than a hundred site templates to set up with a click

With the Website Builder instrument, you’ll have access to our assortment of more than 100 100% free layout templates. Each design theme will come in two different layouts and also has a variety of coloring options. The web templates are built to cover all common sorts of web sites – individual web sites, e–store, company website, and so on.

If you get bored with your existing web–site template or come across a better one, you could switch it in an instant. All brand new webpages and customizations you have made can be preserved.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Courses

Observe how simple and easy it is actually to build up a site

Our Site builder is without a doubt convenient to use, but, in order to be getting the most of the application, you’ll need a little bit of assistance and practice. To help you reach the best results, we have organized a few training videos specialized in the different functions available from Site Studio.

The video tutorials will help you much better understand how to manage the website builder.

Video Tutorials